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Group Project: Game Maker 7

   Premise: For this project we were told to create a game that encouraged epistemic utility (or meaningful play) on behalf of the user. Frowned upon were twitch based shooters or anything that simply required quick reflexes to conquer. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if the player was forced to navigate two separate characters through two separate mazes using a single set of controls.

   And hence, Clone was born. Built using the drag-and-drop Game Maker tools, Clone is more of an example of interesting design rather than that of quality programming.

   My Contribution: As stated before, Clone was essentially my own intellectual property. I was responsible for the initial mechanics and feel of the game, as well as the design of the levels. All of these elements were put through their paces and refined with the help of my group, but the concepts have remained largely unchanged since their inception.

    I feel as though Clone was a tremendous success given our resources and allotted development period. The mechanics were appealing not only to our professor, who praised our use of epistemic utility, but also our friends and peers who all thought the experience was extremely enjoyable.

    Clone was awarded the title of the best project in the class.

      Clone Title Screen      Clone Screen 2

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