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     Below are a few of my projects I've either completed myself or been a part of developing. You may click below each description to see more information about each project as well as my involvement in their development.

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2D Particle System
Solo Project: C#/XNA Game Studio

   This system was created for my fourth-year game-engine development course at university. It was constructed over the course of about two weeks and received a final grade of 92%.

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Particle System

Sherman's Lagoon: Hawthorne's Adventure
Group Project: C#/XNA Game Studio

   An implementation of a game proposal done for class. Running on a custom-built engine, this small demo was developed over the course of a month.

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Sherman's Lagoon

Bit by Bit Space Shooter
Solo Project: C#/XNA Game Studio

   I developed this game as an educational tool to teach 10-15 year old summer campers the basics of programming in a fun and visually-rewarding way.

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Space Shooter

Group Project: Game Maker 7

   Clone was my first intellectual property as a game designer. It was an idea meant to encourage epistemic utility or meaningful play from the player. Clone received praise from our professor and peers and was titled the best project in the class.

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Theorm Proof Assistant
Group Project: C++

   While not nearly as enjoyable to experience as a game, this "proof assistant" software was constructed as part of an Object-Oriented design course. It is also a good example of my skills with C++.

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