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Bit by Bit Space Shooter
Solo Project: C#/XNA Game Studio

   Premise: My summer job for the past few years has been to head-counsel the University of Western Ontario's computer science summer camp, Bit by Bit. We attempted to create fun activities to introduce 10-15 year olds the basic foundations of computer science including graphics, robotics, and programming.

   Attempting to teach aspects of programming at such a young age and have them stick with the campers after they leave was something the camp had always struggled with, and so I attempted to create an entertaining foundation for a game that would allow me to convey a number of basic programming techniques.

   My Contribution: This game was born entirely out of my own initiative. I created it from scratch using the format laid out by XNA Game Studio for a Windows Game.

Space Shooter Screen
   I created a variety of classes making use of inheritance to allow the game to be easily modified by the campers. With this, campers were able to easily create their own weapon types, enemy types, and ship abilities with fairly straight forward modifications that didn't break the core of the game.

Space Shooter Close Up

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