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Theorm Proof Assistant
Group Project: C++

   Premise: As part of an Object-Oriented Design and Analysis course, we were required to construct a proof assistant, titled WProve, from scratch using C++. This was done in medium-sized groups of five or six people. WProve was to accept a formula based on a set of rules defined by the user. From here, a number of rules were available to the user to apply to the current formula.

   The user was then able to apply rules to the formula until the formula was deemed "solved", or the user could opt to have the program work its way through a logical progression of steps to get the formula as close to completion as possible without user input.

   My Contribution: My role in the construction of WProve was to handle the user defined rules (or signatures) and proofs in the context of the program, as well as the saving, loading, and parsing of any data the needed to be saved.

WProve Screen
   The program was nothing short of an incredible success. The group dynamic during its development was fantastic. The features were complete about a week before the project was due, and after spending a few days debugging, the final version was submitted days before the due date. WProve received a mark of 90%.

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