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2D Particle System
Solo Project: C#/XNA Game Studio

   Premise: Our final project for my fourth-year game-engine development course at universty was to explore and research some aspect of engine development. We could choose whatever area we wished, but we were required to demonstrate our findings through a practical implementation.

   I had always found special effects in games and movies fascinating, so I chose to create this particle system.

   My Contribution: Our professor told us that this could be either a solo or group project, so I chose to head up the project by myself. I managed to create a small particle system capable of displaying small effects such as smoke plumes, sparks, and explosions. The system manages particles in such a way that well over 1500 particles are easily supported on screen at any time.

Particle System
   I constructed the system in such a way that it is both easily expandable and very easy to implement. The particle system can be implemented in any XNA game project simply by initializing a single instance of the "ParticleSystem" class, and effects can be created by calling a few simple functions.

   If you'd like some more insight into the particle system, please feel free to check out my blog post on its development, or check out the video I made for the system's submission below.

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