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Sherman's Lagoon: Hawthorne's Adventure
Group Project: C#/XNA Game Studio

   Premise: We were tasked with creating a game pitch based off an exisiting IP from a provided list. Once this was done, we were then told to bring our idea to life with a small demo developed from scratch using whatever tools we saw fit. Myself and my partner chose C# in combination with the XNA Game Studio libraries, due to our limited familiarity and eagerness to experience what this combination would have to offer.

   We ended up developing a side-scrolling platformer, akin to the Mario Bros. series which included some light physics simulation as well as fully implemented level-creation engine.

   My Contribution: Our goals for this project were quite ambitious. I was responsible for a few key aspects of the game. The most substantial was the engine that would allow us to easily save and load level assets based on an external file. The result of this addition was the ability to create levels on the fly in a .txt creation program.

   I was also responsible for the flow of the program, ensuring that every aspect of the game was happening in the correct order. This included updating objects such as the enemies or the position of the play, to drawing everything on the screen, to the menu system and pausing of the game.

Shermans Title Screen    Shermans Finish    Shermans Score Screen

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